*portfolio update* - just added some new material.  On the very bottom of the 'personal' page I've added two videos showing some pre-vis work done for next-gen (Gen 8) systems.  In that market (console/PC) every game will have more textures and polygons, but I believe there is an opportunity for titles to be substantially differentiated by focusing on visual effects.  Much like film, since 'Jurassic Park' we have seen the rise of the 'vfx movie', this could be the time for games to take that step.  These pyro and explosion tests are my first steps into that world.  They were done with FumeFX inside Max.

*note: since creating this, i met the Art Director at Epic Games, Chris Perna.  (nice guy, btw).  He explained they used the same tech as my fire-tests (FumeFX) on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO2rM-l-vdQ  (look at 2:02).