Midway Games - Chicago.  As the Art Director, I was responsible for the look & tone of the game.  With a project like this, being true to the original IP (Hard Boiled, the film) was critical.  I had a number of goals w/ the product including realism, destructible environments and exploration of opposites (east/west, old/new, light/dark).  This work is the result of an extremely talented team I was fortunate enough to work with.



As an AD, i'm often asked exactly what I do.  Part of my job is to push the 'look' of the game to be as awesome as possible.  These images show various locations in the game as I help the artists refine the content.


The characters in Stranglehold were extremely important to the story.  We developed an optimized, full facial animation pipeline for these guys.   Noice the dynamic wrinkles.  Concept art by the great Vince Proce.  Character models by Victor Lopez.


I was one of the first people at Midway to use the 'breakout sheet' process learned at Epic Games.  Here are some of our breakout sheets and a Reference Sheet.