Image 002: Pope

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Image #:  002

Title: Pope

Year: 1989

Details: Folded, Unpublished



About folded artwork:

FOLDED: The 100cm  x 150 cm The artwork was folded to fit into the standard "1 square meter" mail-package-standard and mailed through a "secret secretary" to Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino in a safe packege that was able to protect the picture during the delivery from London to Italy. The folded format enabled better preservation of  the picture.   The  name of the "secret secretary"  was Erna Law,  Bacon asked her to secretely send the artwork to Cristiano because he was fearing to be discovered by the Marlborough Gallery (a famous gallery founded in 1946 in London), in which he was having an exclusive  business contract. Erna Law, officially was working in a London Tour agency specialized on winter "snow tours" in  Italy, Switzerland and the French Alps.